When the concept of public information management in the Emergency Management Administration and public awareness became a daily objective and issue in 2000, the project of “Emergency Channel” Information Center for the RA was created through conducting researches and considering international practice (basically NATO Budapest recommendations) by authors of the concept who had developed and created Information Services for Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defense. It included and joined informational field in one professional structure which

•    Will develop policy for the whole country,
•    Parts of which will assist and supplement each other, act coordinated and in harmony,
•    Will implement the same policy for different audiences.

“Emergency Channel” Information Center has passed an international examination. In 2001 experts from NATO member-states and international organizations suggested contributing to program of “Emergency Channel” floor section construction and “Emergency Channel” TV company. Then the project of Civil Defense four-storied building repairing had been added to Information Center program. The building has been completely renovated and an additional, fifth storey (with TV pavilion, Briefing Center, computer hall and cabinets) has been erected for Information Center.

In NATO-Armenia Individual Partnership Actions Program there is a separate action point for “Emergency Channel” Information Center projects starting from creation of situation center, inter-agency information center up to crisis management public awareness plans, programs and trainings.

Press-secretaries of RA ministries had a cognitive visit to NATO HQ in June, 2007. After returning from Brussels, Public information special group has been organized within Armenia-NATO inter-agency commission. The next step will be creating of inter-agency information center on the base of “Emergency Channel” information center.

The process of Emergency Public Awareness System formation is involved in 2008-2012 list of events that provide the implementation of RA Government Program (point 29.1.3).

An agreement on information exchange has been signed with UN Disaster Management Team (DMT) in September-November 2007. DMT includes all UN agencies. Special training course has been conducted for DMT members and as a result a joint information plan on emergencies has been developed.

OSCE mission in Armenia and UN office initiated a capacity assessment of ARS “Emergency Channel” Information Center in December 2007. The assessment provided recommendations which raise the level of “Emergency Channel” credibility and authority among international organizations.

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