Implemented Programs

  • By the order of RA ministries, agencies, as well as international organizations and companies “Emergency Channel” has prepared a range of video films, clips and TV programs at 1997-2005 period.

  • At Moscow second Intergovernmental Justice and Society film festival of CIS and Baltic countries which was held in 2000 and where 364 different TV companies were participants, in the nomination of journalistic investigation, the winning film was “Lakmus Operation" which was prepared by “Emergency Channel” TV Company.

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  • By support of Swiss Development and Cooperation agency “Firemen In Communities” Public Awareness pilot program has been succeessfully implemented in 2007. /Pic 1/

  • An agreement on information exchange has been signed with UN Disaster Management Team (DMT) in November 2007. DMT includes all UN agencies. Special training course has been conducted for DMT members and as a result a joint information plan on emergencies has been developed. /Pic 2/
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  • Pilot project of trainings on how to work with population and mass media for WCC Armenia Interchurch Round Table Foundation (ART) and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) as well as 14 NGOs (charity and religious organizations which carrying out programs in different marzes). Trainings were conducted on June 2008. /Pic 3,4/
  • Memorandum of cooperation was signed by NATO Public Information Center and “Emergency Channel” Information Center in 2008. /Pic 5/
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